Publications & Conferences


“Gender, Science, and the Modern Woman: Futurism’s Strange Concoctions of Femininity,” Carte Italiane (2010) []

“Milena Milani’s La ragazza di nome Giulio: A Forgotten Feminist Novel,” MLN (2010) []

Book review: Re-writing the Journey in Contemporary Italian Literature, Figures of Subjectivity in Progress by Cinzia Sartini-Blum. MLN (2010) []

BiGLI (Bibliografia generale della linga e della letteratura italiana), Contributor, Rome: Salerno (2009)


Conferences and Presentations

USC, Italian Language Teachers’ Workshop, “Messa in Scena: Performance as a Tool for Reading Comprehension in Intermediate Italian” (October 2017)

UC Davis Language Center, “From Canvas to Culture: A Web-based Approach to Language and Culture in Intermediate Italian” (November 2016)

Scripps College, CICIS, “La vita nella strada: Suburban Spectacle and Familial Fictions in Paola Masino’s Periferia” (February 2012 )

UCLA, International Institute and the Postcolonial Theory and Literature Colloquium, “Islands of Otherness: Representations of Sardinia in the Work of Grazia Deledda” (April 2010)

University of Wisconsin-Madison, GAFIS Symposium, “Scientific Subjugation and the Deformation of the ‘Feminine’ in Italian Futurism” (April 2010)

UCLA, Graduate Student Conference, “La pasta passatista e il pasto futurista: Food, Gender, and Feminine Identities in Futurist and Fascist Italy” (October 2009)

Otis College of Art and Design, Los Angeles, California. Presenter: “Futurism + 100” (May 2009)

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